Multi-Unit Electrical Projects – Townhomes, Apartments, Hotels, Assisted Living Communities

Dealing with electrical projects for large residential buildings or complexes requires special skill and care. Whether you’re a property manager or owner, it’s important to understand the major considerations to discuss with your contractor. At J&S Electrical Contractors, our commercial electricians handle everything from project management to project execution. With licensed master electricians implementing and monitoring progress at every stage, your project will go smoothly and remain hassle-free.

Top Considerations for Your Multi-Dwelling Electrical Project

You need to take extra care when planning electrical projects for large residential buildings. That’s especially true if you’re rewiring or making major changes for multi-unit complexes, such as townhomes, apartments, hotels, and assisted living communities. You can use this handy guide to learn things to discuss with your electricians during each phase of construction.

Besides complying with local and national building codes, you’ll need to account for the following considerations:

  • Power Distribution: While factoring in the needs of each unit, you also have to prevent an overload on the main electrical panel. That’s why it’s important to choose an electrical contractor with experience laying out and installing electrical systems in buildings of similar size and complexity.
  • Lighting: It takes more than electrical knowledge to properly install the lighting in your common areas, such as lobbies, parking garages, and hallways. You want to hire electricians who also understand the importance of lighting in the visual appeal of the property.
  • Energy Efficiency: You can save money and create a greener building with energy efficient electrical systems. Our commercial electricians can install LED lighting and Energy Star appliances, as well as offer advice on other ways to create a more sustainable building. See our post on planning large-scale electrical projects for tips on staying on track without overlooking energy efficiency.
  • Electrical Safety: Multi-unit buildings must follow specific electrical safety codes to keep tenants and visitors safe. At J&S Electrical Contractors, Inc., we understand and implement these codes to create a safe, compliant electrical system.
  • Backup Power: If the lights go off, what’s your backup plan? When you hire our team to oversee your electrical upgrade or rewiring project, we ensure that you include a battery backup or generator to illuminate the buildings even if the electrical grid is down.

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